The rise comes after your character has faced their struggles only to be defeated once more. Along their journey, they have missed a critical lesson, the key to overcoming the challenge before them. The rise is about learning that lesson, even overcoming the fear that they’ll fail again, and facing their struggles for the last time.

The rise in Scarface immediately follows Tony’s first fall. Tony escapes the bloodbath at the Babylon Club and, infuriated, confronts Lopez. Lopez begs for his life and Tony orders Manny to shoot him. Tony intimidates Bernstein, saying that both he and Lopez ‘fucked up’, and kills him. Later, Tony visits Elvira and tells her that Lopez is dead, they can be together now. This last scene leads into the triumph, Tony finally achieves his wants and needs by overcoming his resentments.


Your characters have finally succeeded and now they can celebrate. The triumph can follow either the summit or rise depending on the length of the plot you are writing. How does your protagonist live with their success? More importantly, how does this success affect other characters in the plot? Give your characters space to examine how success affects them and their surroundings if you want them to transform.

The triumph in Scarface opens with a battered Tony overlooking Miami while Elvira quickly packs her things to run away with him. He has gotten what he wants and needs at a heavy price. Tony becomes fixated on the message, ‘THE WORLD IS YOURS’. What follows this scene is a montage of Tony’s success—he opens businesses, has a luxurious mansion, helps Gina open her shop, he marries Elvira—with a heavy focus on counting and depositing cash. But this montage ends on a dark image of Elvira, anxious and paranoid, that foreshadows Tony’s second fall and his departure.


The decisions your characters make to attain their wants and combat their fears will lead them to either depart or transform. A departure can refer to the death of the character or the character moving to an environment beyond the complete plot. If you want your plot to end on a transformation, your character should overcome their fears and resentments in the summit and rise in order to understand and get what they need.

Once Elvira leaves Tony, he spirals further into his fears and becomes hostile. Sosa orders Tony to kill a police informant but he shoots Alberto in a fit of rage. In his betrayal of Sosa, Tony is helpless and emotionally unstable as he no longer has allies. His fears and resentments intersect when he kills Manny and kidnaps Gina. Gina’s sudden murder and Sosa’s mercenaries swarming Tony’s mansion occurs at the height of the departure. The entire plot of Scarface finally comes to an explosive end with the legendary Tony Montana fighting and dying for the wants that never fulfilled him.

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