Prince Editing & Proofreading is a freelance editing business dedicated to refining written content for publishing and production. Prince was founded with the purpose of cultivating unique Australian writing that will have readers turning the page, wanting more.

The services we offer currently cover prose, poetry, theatre, and screen. Our editors are versatile writers too, they understand the intricacies behind the writing process and what it takes to make a narrative exciting and meaningful from the very first line.

We aim to nurture your stories by polishing the raw material through developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. We want your narratives to be strong, your characters to be striking, and your words to be powerful.  

We understand that it may be difficult for young and emerging writers to find support when breaking into the industry, so we have made it our duty to be a network where writers can freely develop their work and have their voices heard. Prince is determined to provide affordable, quality services to our clients because we want you to stand out and succeed with ease.