‘Mary gave me detailed notes that improved the flow, message and tone of the piece exponentially. Her edits ranged from line clean-up to suggestions about where to take characters and ideas I barely touched on. My work would not be as well received as it was without her thorough edits.

Mary’s knowledge of story-telling and pacing is impressive. Her ability to give her notes and edits in a clear, concise way that is still in the writer’s voice is unmatched. She is a vital part of any writer’s process, and I recommend her for any genre, style or story-telling medium.’

Sam Lovell, Magnum Opus and Slacktivism

‘Mary provided extensive constructive criticism which was instrumental in developing my manuscript into a cohesive, entertaining, and structured theatre production.

She always has good reason for her critiques and edits with a fine-tooth comb, making sure that every sentence matters whilst keeping up with the broader concepts present in the writing.’

Dylan Gee, Finn McCool

‘Couldn’t have asked for a better service. Very approachable, professional and efficient. It really took my poetry to a new level that I just wasn’t getting out of group workshops. You’re definitely getting more than you money’s worth when you choose Prince.’

Emily Haylan, poet

‘I have now worked with Prince Editing & Proofreading on two stories and have found them to be highly professional. Mary has enhanced the quality of my story-telling in a myriad of ways from simple proof reading to stylistic advice, without impeding or altering my own voice. I would strongly recommend Prince Editing & Proofreading to anyone looking to get their manuscript published.’

Ian Leithhead, fiction writer