Bridgeworks is an anthology production started by university students with the aim of drawing attention to the work done by young writers in the Illawarra. The show usually features three dramas and three comedies.


Arthur Gallagher as Boris and Dylan Horvat as Max.

Max inherits his uncle’s rundown theatre against his will, much to Kylie’s dismay. Alongside their odd Russian uncle Boris, Kylie and Max attempt to resurrect the theatre but their pride and personalities constantly clash.

Magnum Opus was an intriguing and hilarious production with a range of outrageous characters that was shown at the Phoenix Theatre in 2018.


After discovering the truth about his parentage, young Irish lad Finn McCool sets off on a journey with wild twists and turns to find his father.

Finn McCool is an adaptation of a popular Irish folk tale with a balance of cheery comedy and heart-warming moments. The play was shown at the Phoenix Theatre in March 2019.


Cassie, Jenna and Duke are enthusiastic students on their way to India for their university’s Pledge to Help trip, but a silly misunderstanding leaves them stranded in Chernobyl.

Slacktivism utilises theatre and film to tell a story with a shady sense of humour that is propelled further by its unique characters. The play was staged at the Phoenix Theatre in August 2019 and at the Sydney Fringe Festival in September 2019.